RS2-X2 Body Cameras

Category: News | Date: Jan 29, 2015

Since April all law enforcement agencies should wear body cameras

Following last Aprils law changes and a review by the MOJ it has been strongly ‘advised’ that all Enforcement Agents now wear Body Cameras. Since the announcement both Lee, Joe and myself have trialled several variations, and have been in discussions with other small family owned bailiff companies to establish the best way forward.

From Monday 2nd February, i am pleased to announce all Strikes Bailiffs agents, Security personnel and locksmiths will wear the RS2-X2 body cameras on all visits to tenants, debtors and traveller sites. It is a company requirement that they will be turned on at all times.

Since the recession bailiffs throughout the UK have witnessed a spike in aggression against them, including some high profile cases of Bailiffs being stabbed and shot.

I have listed below some information regarding these cameras, and their use. However, if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Lee.


  • Fully articulated camera head. Horizontal and vertical camera adjustment for accurate positioning.
  • Front facing screen. 2” screen displays footage as it is being recorded. Proven to improve outcomes.
  • One action record. Big red button slides down to simultaneously turn the camera on and begin recording in one swift action.
  • Secure. Files will only load and play on a computer running DEMS; not on any other device.
  • Wide field of view. 120º horizontal, 60º vertical
  • Rugged case. Designed for use in the toughest conditions – where you work.
  • Usage log. Automatically detect if a video has been tampered with.
  • Playback. On camera video and audio playback. Review footage in the field.
  • Mark evidence. Mark footage as ‘evidential’ when in record mode. Automatic filing after upload to DEMS.
  • Stealth mode. Enables recording without screen or lights.


  • Encryption – 256-bit
  • Mark video as ‘evidential’ – yes
  • On-screen display – time, date, memory, resolution, recording speed, battery life, recording space available (in Hours:Mins:Secs)
  • Stealth mode (screen off, no lights) – yes
  • Audio signals – record, stop record, low battery, low memory
  • Encoding technology, audio – MPEG-4
  • Recording activation switch – single slider switch; one action record
  • Recording capacity – >8hrs
  • Recording format – .mov
  • Date and time stamp – yes

Do’s, Don’t, Usage and Rules.

  • The cameras are for the usage of Strikes Agents ONLY.
  • The footage will be stored and kept for 6 years, in a secure, floor fixed safe.
  • Only the Director and Lee will have access to this safe.
  • The cameras are for the safety, security of our agents and in case of complaints.
  • I will personally monitor the bailiffs professionalism.
  • Since the recession bailiffs throughout the UK have witnessed a spike in aggression against them, including some high profile cases of Bailiffs being stabbed and shot.
  • However, the cameras may be used in evidence at the courts request ONLY.
  • The footage is not for ‘lets see what happened’ situations.
  • The footage can only be used on 1 designated computer, unless downloaded to a USB.
  • Footage is password encrypted and can’t be tampered with.
  • Although the cameras will be on at all times, in some circumstances we may need to turn them off. There are strict guild-lines in place for this. Only in situations such as, attending play schools, nurseries, play centres will turning the camera off be considered.
  • The presence of the screen will allow the debtors / tenants to view themselves being recorded.
  • It will provide both security and reassurance to bailiffs and debtors / tenants alike
  • The cameras will fit onto the chest area of the Bailiffs vest, similar to the police.