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Fly Grazing is the unlawful practice and name given to the grazing of horses on private or public land without the landowner’s permission. The horses are not always abandoned, the land is simply being used illegally. Fly-Grazing has increased in recent years and has spread throughout the UK with many horses at risk on unsuitable or unsafe land due to unlawful Fly Grazing practices.Presently the law states Fly Grazing issues, concerning private landowners, should remain a civil matter. Our bailiffs and Fly Grazing removal services provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to Fly Grazing. 

The laws that apply to Fly Grazing situations are not always clear, and in some circumstances, the owner of the land that the animals are on can be held liable if the animal escapes and causes damage or is itself harmed.

Our experienced eviction team allow us to manage each individual case efficiently and professionally, to the clients satisfaction. Upholding the law as the main priority every time.


Removal of Fly Grazers from your land

If someone has used your land for ‘fly grazing’ and the horse manages to break free, causing damage or even an accident, this could be deemed your responsibility. That’s why, even though the presence of animals can feel less intrusive than human trespassers, it’s vitally important to arrange for their removal as quickly and as safely as possible.

Having horses or other animals on your land without your permission can occur due to various reasons: they may have escaped from adjoining fields or pastures, they may have been put there deliberately for illegal fly grazing purposes, or they may even be accompanied by a group of gypsy travellers.

Whether it’s one horse or a larger group of animals, it’s vital that all relevant safety factors are adhered to when undertaking their removal. Of course, if you know where the animals originate from, it’s possible that you can approach the owner and ask for them to take care of the removal themselves – but if this isn’t viable, our bailiffs have the experience to take care of it for you.

Having specialist support is essential because animals, and horses in particular, can be dangerous – especially when they’re stressed or feel threatened. Our specialized team, know the best way to handle animals to avoid any harm or further distress.

We always inform all necessary parties when performing an animal removal, advising the local council, DEFRA and the police, and we work in line with all applicable laws at all times.

We have our own towing facilities and animal trailers, and can arrange for further welfare or disposal issues to be taken care of too if necessary.


Abandonment of equines is illegal under (Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006). Section 7(2) of the Animals Act 1971 says that where any livestock (which includes horses) strays onto any land and is not then under the control of any person, the occupier of the land may detain it (subject to further provisions). It is advisable that any occupier who finds abandoned livestock on their land seeks independent legal advice at the outset in relation to their responsibilities and liabilities in respect of the animal

A person commits an offence if they fail to provide for the needs of an animal; however, prosecution is often impossible as the process of abandonment means that it is unlikely that the owner will be traced.

If a horse is abandoned on your land under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 you will be responsible for that animals should its welfare be compromised. First, you must determine whether the horse has actually been abandoned. It could be a stray or has escaped from its field. The owner must be given a chance to come forward to claim their animal before you make alternative arrangements for the horse’s future.

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Once again I have to write to congratulate you on the swiftness of your services.

I put the abandoned vehicle legal sign that you gave me on an old type Audi which had been just left on our land, and it was quite interesting having several people watching me doing it, but no one came forward to ask me what I was doing. Obviously the word got around and the vehicle was removed within 48 hours. This has saved me having to pay to get it removed and recycled, so a big thank you to strikes B2B Debt Collection agency

Ann Rumsby, Dencora

Just want to say thank you to Strikes Collection Services for your help with our unwanted visitors, it was much appreciated.

Zoe Schager, Senior Customer Service Representative

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you and your staff for removing the unwanted travellers from our car park in Peterborough.

To have them moved on without them even staying a night is absolutely great and our tenants on the business park are very grateful. If I had the same service through the courts this would have taken three weeks, and I am sure it would have cost us at least double, especially with the clear up afterwards.

Ann Rumsby, Dencora

I will certainly keep you in mind for future work as was thoroughly impressed with your service

Jacqueline, Associate, LLP

I have known and worked in conjunction with Strikes for sometime now. Chris Bane and his team are reliable and always on hand to assist whenever that may be.

I would not hesitate in recommending Strikes services.

Peter Harling, Insolvency, Litigation, Debt Recovery and Company Restoration solicitor at Chadwick Lawrence LLP Solicitors, West Yorkshire

This is the first time we have used a debt collection agency.

I would have no hesitation in using Strikes Collection Services again and recommending them to others.

I had been chasing the outstanding debt myself for almost six months but Chris managed to reclaim the outstanding monies within a matter of days. Chris was very professional and took away all the stress. I only wish I had contacted Strikes earlier!

Katie, Credit Control Manager, Manchester Recruitment Agency

We, as a company, have used Chris for a number of year. Always on hand to advise us and very professional in dealing with our lessees.

Billy Wilson, Senior Credit Controller, Heineken UK

Always can be counted on for a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Clare, Solicitor, Real Estate Dispute Resolution

We instructed Chris Bane, of Strikes Bailiffs, to evict some travellers from our car park at the John Smith’s Stadium here in Huddersfield. This was done in a very professional manner and to a time scale that meant there was no disruption to our business, tenants or customers. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Chris Bane, of Strikes Bailiffs to anyone needing the services of a Bailiff.

Philip. J .Armitage MBIFM, Operations Manager, Kirklees Stadium Development Limited, The John Smith’s Stadium

We will certainly be using you again. Thank you for a fast and pleasant service.

MD of a London Estate Agency

Traveller eviction doesn’t have to be a headache

Private companies, landowners, solicitors and local authorities have been trusting our team of enforcement agents to remove uninvited gypsies and deal with travellers evictions for years. This is because they know that we at Strikes Traveller Evictions act quickly, adhere to the law and get great results every time.

Having strangers pitch up and make their home on your land can be stressful and intimidating. So why not leave the job of getting rid of them to the professionals? We at Strikes deal with traveller evictions every day, and know the best way to manage the traveller eviction process to the satisfaction of all parties. If you’re worried about the mess that your unwanted guests might leave behind, don’t worry, we can take care of that too.

Why use us for your traveller evictions?

  • Experienced team
  • Certificated enforcement agents
  • Cheaper than a Court Order
  • Police assistance if required
  • Cleaning services available
  • Traveller evictions within 24 hours of instruction
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Complete legal compliance
  • Friendly no-obligation advice


A new policy, quietly introduced by the Government earlier this year, will block anyone identifying as a Gypsy or Traveller from staying on permanent caravan sites unless they can prove they have travelled several times that year.